Monitoring & Management Seminars

Mehr Sicherheit mit Kompetenz und Bewusstsein

Training (employees and managers), monitoring and/or coaching/supervision in the area of materials handling technology -crane, forklift, lifting platforms, load securing, occupational safety-.

 In today's fast-paced logistics environment, the demand for speed of operation and quality standards means that many companies are constantly on the lookout for new and improved methods in materials and warehouse management.

The conveyor technology used can certainly play a significant role here, but the human factor always retains a key position!

Unfortunately, accidents and related damage happen frequently, especially in the materials and storage industry.

This damage must therefore be limited with competence and awareness!

This is done in accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and the regulations of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association, of course specifically to your requirements.

Our training programme improves occupational safety in your company and automatically leads to a noticeable decrease in violence and absenteeism, while increasing the motivation and self-confidence of your employees.