Requirements for trainers seminars

Detailed information about your ISM Trainer Seminar.

1. general requirement

General prerequisite that the participants should fulfil for the training of forklift truck instructors / crane instructors / aerial work platform operators / load securing instructors according to the legal as well as the specifications of the DGUV (BGB, MRL, MBRL, ProdSG, ArbSchG, ArbSiG, BetrSichV; forklift trucks/telescopic forklifts : DGUV Grundsatz 308-001, 308-009 DGUV Vorschrift 68, crane: DGUV Grundsatz 309-003, DGUV Vorschrift 52, aerial work platforms: DGUV Rule 100-500, DGUV Principle 308-008, load securing: VDI 2700 ff) should be fulfilled:

The participant is at least 24 years old, already has two years' experience in handling or using forklift trucks/cranes/lifting platforms/load securing,
has himself/herself successfully completed training as a driver of industrial trucks/crane operator/lifting platform operator/load securing,
is active as a foreman or in an equivalent position for at least four years. The participant is therefore qualified to draw up training concepts, to impart specialist knowledge, to lead a group through a training course; this applies, for example, to IHK-certified AEVO instructors, master craftsmen, engineers, occupational safety specialists or, of course, teachers or driving instructors.

Here the claim of the Berufsgenossenschaften is justified and thus, if implemented accordingly, recognition is also given:

Trainers for forklift truck drivers/crane drivers/lifting platform operators must themselves be suitable and trained as forklift truck drivers/crane drivers/lifting platform operators and also as trainers: this means, for example, the AEVO training, which takes place, for example, as part of a master craftsman training.
Driving instructors or teachers in general, for example, also receive pedagogical training as part of their training and are therefore also suitable and trained accordingly. In the case of a corresponding professional activity, this is also to be regarded as fulfilled in the individual case. It is of course also possible to carry out the driver/operator training at the same time as the seminar, if required.

Crane training takes place on a bridge crane, jib crane and/or on various truck-mounted loading cranes; aerial work platform training on scissor and telescopic aerial work platforms (mobile and/or truck-mounted telescopic platform), here too driver training is possible in the seminar if required.

In the case of "in-house seminars" (which we generally highly recommend!) the practical training takes place on the work equipment (crane/forklift/lifting platform) in your company.

It is therefore clear that our seminar is part of the proof of competence that must be provided so that the requirements of the BG can be considered fulfilled.
Only when all the above-mentioned requirements have been met can you work as a trainer for forklift truck drivers/crane drivers/lifting platform operators.

It is therefore possible to start with this seminar and complete other parts (e.g. the AEVO training or the forklift driver/crane operator/lifting platform operator training) later or at the same time.

These are the criteria of the BG, which we fully comply with and thus our trainer seminar is of course also the required proof of participation in a seminar for forklift/crane/lifting platform trainers; passing the examination parts is of course a prerequisite!

2. number of participants

In-house training min. 2, max. 8 participants (exceptions possible on request);

External training max. eight participants/training

3. course contents

Industrial truck driver

Legal basics, accident history, design and function of industrial trucks and attachments, types of drive, stability, operation in general, regular inspection, handling of loads, special operations, traffic regulations / traffic routes, final examination, practical exercises on forklift trucks, driving exercises according to DGUV G 308-001 or 308-009, theoretical and practical training and examination according to DGUV V 68 and DGUV G 308-001/308-009.

Crane operator

Legal basics, accident history, types, structure and function of cranes, operation in general, regular inspection, handling of loads, sling types and means, final examination, practical exercises on the crane, driving exercises according to DGUV G 309-003, theoretical and practical training and examination according to DGUV V 52 and DGUV G 309-003.

Aerial work platforms

Legal basics, accident history, types, construction and function of aerial work platforms, operation in general, regular inspection, handling in the different areas of application, final examination, practical exercises on aerial work platforms, driving exercises according to DGUV G 308-008, theoretical and practical training and examination according to DGUV R 100-501, 2.8 and DGUV G 308-008.

Load securing

Dangers of accidents and legal responsibility/basics of transport and load securing, physical principles of load securing, vehicle superstructures and their strengths, lashing equipment and lashing points, properties of the load, types of load securing, determination of the required securing forces, work instructions for load securing, practical implementation of load securing measures using standard company examples (practical exercises), procedure for special load securing cases, theoretical and practical training and examination in accordance with VDI 2700.

Course content "Training of trainers" for forklift drivers, crane, aerial work platforms and load securing in addition to the above-mentioned subject-specific units:

Legal bases; Machinery Directive, Machinery Use Directive, Product Safety Act, liability, Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, Occupational Health and Safety Act, collection and reduction of material, preparation of training plans, instruction, instruction methods, use of media, learning success checks, practical teaching tests, theoretical and practical examinations, practical driving or practical instruction.

4. course duration, dates

Five days for the trainers, 8 teaching units per day each. Exact start and end times by arrangement. Combined training (e.g. forklift and crane driver trainer) is possible. on special request. gesonderte Nachfrage.

5. course costs, payment + location

For forklift / crane / aerial work platform operator / load securing instructors:

External training ISM training area

Standort BEW Duisburg:

€2.350 pro Teilnehmer zzgl. ges. MwSt.


Die vorgenannten Lehrgangskosten sind netto, d.h. die ges. Mehrwertsteuer in Höhe von z.Zt. 19% kommt dazu. Seminarunterlagen und Prüfungen (Theorie + Praxis) sind ebenso inbegriffen wie Getränke sowie Mittagessen/Snacks in den Pausen.

Lediglich Maschinenbenutzungsgebühren (Flurförderzeuge, Brückenkran, Hubbühnen- und Fahrzeugladekranausbildungen) kommen nach Aufwand anteilig hinzu.


In-house training, nationwide

2-4 Teilnehmer: €2.350 pro Teilnehmer zzgl. ges. MwSt. (Ausnahme 1 Teilnehmer: € 3.950),),
Preise für Gruppenbuchungen:



pro Person €

5 Personen9.7501.950,00
6 Personen9.7501.625,50
7 Personen13.7501.964,29
8 Personen13.7501.718,75

Ausnahmen (Teilnehmeranzahl: 1 3.950 € ) sind auf Anfrage möglich.
Geräte/Arbeitsmittel sowie Schulungsraum ist durch Auftraggeber kostenfrei zu stellen.

Inhouse-Schulung mehr als 50 KM Entfernung vom Standort Duisburg: zzgl. Kosten für Unterbringung und Verpflegung der Dozenten (Ü/VP nach Aufwand) + Reise-/Fahrzeit € 65,-/Std + KM-Pauschale (1€/KM).

Payment of the respective course fee shall be made after invoicing, but no later than 7 days before the start of the training.

Courses on load securing (warehouse staff and/or load securing officers), lifting platforms (operators) and hazardous goods are also included in our range of seminars; If you are interested, please contact us.

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